Iceland custom tours just for you

TOURIS is able to create a special custom tour in Iceland, all according to your own wishes and preferences. Let us know your wishes and let TOURIS assist you for personalized tours of Iceland. We offer Iceland Custom Vacations by Super Jeep, Vans or Full Size Buses, - all depending on your wishes, group size etc.

TOURIS has over 30 years of experience in touring Iceland. Our website features numerous packages for Iceland budget tours that you can select as per your requirement. We also have a strong experience in organizing an exclusive Iceland Custom Tours, all depending on the individual preferences & budget.

Your personalized budget day tours for Iceland includes almost everything, ranging from river rafting, snowmobiling, ATV ride, fishing, horse riding, kayaking, hiking to whale watching. These activities may vary from season to season. Being an experienced and expert planner of budget trips in Iceland, our goal is to make the tour just the way you want it to be.

Request a personalized itinerary

You can always use our easy online services to book exciting Iceland Tours and travel budget packages, all customized by an experienced guide. Our custom made tours are specially planned to provide our clients with the high level services, it doesn't matter whether you are a holiday or business traveler.

Whatever may be your Iceland trip budget, we arrange the tours to enable you to visit and experience the maximum number of unique and natural sights of Iceland. TOURIS offers a variety of high quality mountain and glacier custom group tours with experienced and skillful drivers and guides.

Enjoy Custom Tours in Iceland, all under the reliable care of our Iceland Professional Guide.

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